Hedgehog’s models give you access to strategies that have been proven to beat the market cycle after cycle all for less than the price of your weekly coffee habit! Keep it simple by letting us guide you on when to buy, when to sell and where to invest. Together we’ll build your financial future.


$25 / Monthly

Stock Bond Rotation Model Equity Warning Signal Market Risk Indicator Access to premium publications and studies Access to all future models Automated email updates and notifications

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hedgehog has proven methods that have outperformed the market and avoid large losses in your portfolio. We’re offering to share our strategy with you for less than $1/day.

Yes. At this time Hedgehog Investment Research is not authorized to manage client funds as a fiduciary. If you help Hedgehog grow, one day we may manage your money for you.

Yes. Our Models are designed to change as the markets change, which has lead them to miss a large majority of every downturn since the Great Depression.

Yes. See our proxy page to select your proper investment ETF or mutual fund.

Your first week at Hedgehog Investment Research is free! After that your account will automatically roll into a monthly subscription.