Stock Bond Rotation Model - Hedgehog Investment Research
Rules-Based Strategy

Know when to buy, when to sell and where to invest with our long-term strategies.

Intelligent Models

90+ years of backtested data proven to enhance investor's decisions.

Powerful Value

Guides you through thick and thin. All at a fraction of the cost to financial advisors.

Our goal? Beat the market.

Our Stock-Bond Rotation Model tells you exactly where to be in your mix of stocks and bonds based on your risk tolerance. The SBRM has beaten the S&P 500, trough to trough, with 100% accuracy over the last 40+ years.

How do we do it?

Avoid large losses by listening to our Equity Warning Signal. We play the Tortoise in The Tortoise and Hare race; making moves only when necessary to capture the momentum of the market while circumventing large corrections.

How it Works

As a Hedgehog member you’ll receive access to all of our current and future models. View the models, update your investments and live carefree! If our models ever change, you’ll be notified immediately via email. No hassle, no worry, just easy investing.

Unlocking true value

After spending years in the industry as a financial advisor managing money for high net worth individuals, I realized the true value advisors bring their clients. The truth is that most of an advisor’s value comes from emotional management, not money management. The high cost of a professional advisor rarely yields returns beyond the market, and clients still have to worry how their accounts will do in a major downturn. This realization lead me to form my own principles of investing and back test these principles using data driven models. Today, Hedgehog Investment Research offers these models to all levels of investors; helping guide them through thick and thin all while striving to beat the market.” – Ryan Preiss, Founder

Origin Story

The ancient Greek poet, Archilochus, said: “The Fox knows many things – the Hedgehog one big thing.” We’ve taken this successfully minimalist approach into the realm of investing; creating simplistically powerful and proprietary models for investors to use for their own accounts.