Learning future stock market returns and the CAPE ratio.
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Using the CAPE Ratio to Understand Future Stock Market Returns

As stock market valuations sit near all-time highs you may be wondering what this means for the future of your portfolio. The only rival of fundamental stock ratios to our current time is the glorious Tech Bubble itself. Famous and well back-tested measures such as the CAPE ratio and our own Market Risk Index can.

3 Economic Indicators the Market May be Getting Ahead of Itself
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3 Economic Indicators Proving the Market May be Ahead of Itself

This week the S&P 500 hit a new all-time high. Unfortunately, a large amount of U.S. economic data doesn’t have quite as much to cheer about. Small Business Optimism, New Home Builds and the Conference Board’s leading economic indicators all show little to no rebound since the market’s prior high in September of 2018. A.