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How Much Does a Financial Advisor Cost?

You’ve worked hard, saved wisely and now it’s time to invest your cash. Handing your hard-earned dollars to a financial advisor seems like the next step, but how much does a financial advisor cost? The total price tag may surprise you. Current Economic Indicators Speaking for the Market Factors that Go Into Financial Advisor Fees.

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A Short Guide for the Fee Conscious Investor

OVERVIEW                One of the most prolific changes in the investment world over the last decade is the amount of downward pressure the investment community has put on fees of all types. Brokerage fees, commissions, management fees, expense ratios have all come under fire as competition becomes increasingly stiff..

Market Risk Index investing model.

Buyer Beware: S&P 500 Sold as Is

Our current market decline has occasionally left us feeling like our bull market may be on the edge of kicking the bucket. Since the peak of the S&P 500 on September 20th, we’ve endured a 19.78 percent decline at our worst. The market route has been relatively destructive, but things seem to be looking up as the market has risen nearly 10 percent since then.